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Torch on bituminous felt

  • Plura ‘R’ which is a composite roofing felt with a layer of low temperature melting bitumen, especially developed to overlay existing roof coverings that will not liquefy easily with the application of heat. Plura ‘R’ is impregnated with grit and therefore does not require annual coating with solar reflective paint. It is also heavier than other torch on felts on the market and we would expect a longer life with this product.
  • Double layer of torch on bituminous felt. Used if existing covering / deck is not suitable for an overlay. A 2mm underlay of felt is torched onto a new plywood deck (or existing deck if sound) followed by a 4mm cap sheet. Mineral felt is utilised for edge details such as drips and water-checks.


Maintenance Contracts

For the past 8 years we have satisfactorily maintained the various roofing systems on buildings owned or occupied by a local clothing and household retail group throughout the province. Our website shows some of our work but also the range and versatility of the products we are licensed for.

Should you have a flat roof, balcony or box gutter in your portfolio that requires attention we would be pleased to survey, report and quote for the work.